Lenka Janušková

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Programmable Bending – A Research Pavilion, architectural design by Shota Tsikoliyaaesthetization of the Vrch Vitkov as a part of its future revitalisation, search for the appropriate alternatives of the future programcompetition entry | Public spaces Šafárikovo námestie and Fajnorovo nábrežie in Bratislavathe city and the mobilitytrunk 2009, 2015finding neverland: here i always touch the tree leaves, 2014 – 2015survey by the mind mapspreliminary architectural design project: new image of the square in Březová nad Svitavou 2013 / 2014diploma project – realizationstep backPARC | artistic urban plan for Marseille in Franceabuse | around an axisdiploma projectštkaní 2012intruder – space for a changelearning IELTS test | streaming from the gallerywhir of prager’s sketchvisible to the other onespring challenge 2012 final piece!frý-es-e-brrdIT eroticfootnote | what can happenštkaní 2011the stolen gallery praguedisplaced exhibitioncrossing over sound wavesthe things around can see what is happeningwhere to place sculptures in kladno?grey? desire lines taskat the discorrromantikavoyage dans la sphere de ciel – ciel de spheres journey in the sphere of sky – sky of spheres